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How do you think President Obama is doing so far? If you're an American citizen, would you vote the same way (whether for or against)? If you're not, what's your take on Obama's performance? Did his State of the Union address sway your opinion in any way?

Where the presidents speech is concerned, I found it absolutely fascinating. First I would like to say that I found some of the ideas in the speech to be absolutely brilliant. I fear however those ideas will die and never come to pass. Other things I heard in the speech just seemed insincere and meaningless. That being said let me go through what I heard and my take on each thing.

The number one thing that I found to be a great idea and what I wish would be implemented today is student loan debt forgiveness. First and foremost, colleges, vocational schools, and other post high school training is way toooooooooooooooooo expensive! If you graduate from one of these schools and immediately get a job in the field that you trained for you should be able to pay the loan back with no problems. If you graduate and you don't, and you end up flipping burgers at McDonalds you should be given extensions to pay off that loan at no interest until such a time that you get a job doing what you trained to do. If you show that you have been serious about getting into a career that uses your education and for whatever reason can not get one after a certain amount of time that loan should be forgiven. I think that this will eliminate ambitious recruiters and force schools to only supply for the demand available at the time. Secondly on that note, I think that education should cost no more than fifty percent of what a person could make in that career field in their first year. This also would go a long way to eliminate what is often times the first and longest lasting debt a person today takes on.

Mr. Obama you are right the people of America do deserve a government that will put the needs of the people before the needs of the politicians. Perhaps we will partially get that this year and really get it in 2012, but I fear that your administration has too much ground to make up and you and your people will never get that, and will never act on it. You and your administration are too self absorbed in your own agendas to care what the people need.

Mr. Obama your tax cuts made me almost $8.00 a week extra on my paycheck, but your overspending and your lack of focus on the economy has cost me $75.00 a week by forcing my employer to cut back my hours and all of those that I work with. Tell me how this evens out?

Mr. Obama when I was a freshman in high school we were required to take an economics class. In that class I learned that the way the economy thrives is when people have jobs. The way people have jobs is for people to buy what the people who have those jobs are selling. The way people buy the stuff from the people who have jobs that are selling stuff is for those people to have jobs. It is a very simple loop. The only way this economy is going to ever come back is if we again let capitalism play it's part. Your suggestion to cut taxes on American companies is a great one, but how about this instead. Eliminate all taxes on any corporation that is completely an American company. This means that the product is manufactured here, the main office is here they only employ American citizens and a substantial part of their resources are American supplied as well. I know, then the government won't have the income from those companies, but I have a suggestion for that too. A company that is based out of another country should be taxed on their goods and services coming into the United States that would equal and offset the wages of what it would cost that company in man power to operate in the United States. That is how you bring jobs back to America sir. Your plan only goes a quarter of the way.

Mr. Obama placing fees on the banks that took the bailouts and bonus's that you gave them will only hurt the people who bank at those banks. Those fees will be passed on to the customer of those banks in forms of ATM fees, check fees, interest fees etc... It does not take a genius to figure out that those people will never pay those fees out of pocket, but it will rather cut even more into the pockets of the American people.

Mr. President, I am tired of hearing about the failures of President Bush. Yes we get that he made some mistakes while in office, but the office is yours now. If I were a new manager to a failing store, and after a years time every time I was asked why the store was failing I answered well the previous manager did this, that, or whatever I would expect to get fired. I think that if the American people hear you blame the previous administrations any more you should expect the same. Sir you have been in office a year. Sir that office is your baby, it is your responsibility to fix not only your own mistakes, but the mistakes of those that came before you, and do it in a timely manner.

Your green jobs are an excellent idea as an expansion to jobs that already exist, not as a replacement. I think it is a great thing to reuse items as much as you can until it can not be used. That is a conservative idea more than it is a liberal one. I as a conservative do not like waste of any kind. It is a great thing to recycle it is a great thing to come up with new ingenuitive ways to create energy for our ever expanding need for it. However you can not abandon the ways we already have in place to get it. There are men and women who all they know is the old ways of doing things, and while yes you can teach an old dog new tricks it is a lot simpler, less stressful and less cost to teach new dogs new tricks and old ones. Here is the way I propose you go about changing the way things are done. First develop the new ideas. Then as people retire from the old way of doing things teach the new people the new ways. Phase it in. This way you keep old employed and you give new employment to the new.

Also while we are at it, a fifteen hundred dollar tax credit on energy efficient items such as new windows that cost better than 3 grand and take 10 years to save as much as they cost doesn't seem to make sense either. A better idea would be to drive the price of those goods down through mass manufacturing, competition and tools that make the jobs faster. You drive the price down to a point that you get your money back in a year or even two years everyone will buy them.

Same subject, while you say we are faced with overwhelming evidence of global warming and other man made environmental problems, we as Americans have recently found out about the overwhelming evidence that much of this was made up. The science was manufactured by corporations and politicians who stood to gain from such a claim. So forgive me if I and my fellow Americans are a little skeptical.

Back to the economy, you said that the government is going to have to do what families all across America have had to do and that is tighten your belts and budgets. Then in the same breath you said the Government was going to do that in 2011. I don't know what families you've been looking at, but I know from experience the ones that put off budgeting until tomorrow never budget. When a family looks at a problem and does nothing else, but attack that problem with intensity and vigor that moment, that family gets rid of the problem. Mr. President I offer up Dave Ramsey as an expert in that area, please talk with him and see what he says about it.

Sir you said your plan will pay off one trillion dollars in two decades, then today you and your people released another 1.9 trillion dollars to the debt, bringing our total debt to fourteen trillion dollars. By your math it will take 240 years to pay off this debt, that is just unacceptable.

A few final comments, we the American people have spoken, first as whisper, then as a voice, then as a shout, and now as a yell. WE DO NOT WANT THE GOVERNMENT IN OUR HEALTHCARE!!! I think it's time for you to turn your hearing aid up Mr. Obama and listen.

I do not speak for everyone in the United States, but I and people like me are quickly becoming the majority, and you better listen! Otherwise don't get comfortable your contract is up for renegotiation in two years!
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