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Dear City of Arlington Government Officials,

I have been a resident of this city for seven consecutive years now. In that short time, I have seen this city grow. I have also seen a lot of overzealousness in the ordinances passed out of city hall. Regulations regarding a person’s right to build on property that he owns (aside from safety issues) should be struck down by any person who believes in the principles of the Constitution of the United States of America. Yet, Arlington regularly passes laws pertaining to how a fence can be built how tall it can be etc. They continue to pass laws regarding the building of buildings in the back yard and car ports. It is my understanding that this is to prevent the property values of surrounding houses from decreasing. Arlington, I submit to you that your laws have decreased our property values. By regulating how I can treat my property, you take away ownership rights of the property. When you take away ownership rights to my property, you make my property worthless.

Therefore I am putting you on notice that when election time comes, I will vote against any member of the city council that introduces laws that regulate the rights of property owners in the City of Arlington. I will vote for any member willing to stand against Code compliance laws. Code enforcement needs to be reduced removing graffiti and picking up illegal signs from medians and intersections. This city needs to quit using its resources to infringe on the rights of property owners and start using them to make traffic flow easier, start using them to make our streets safer for our kids to play on. One organization within the City of Arlington that is very effective and good is the parks department. That department should continue to get all of the funding that it needs.

On the subject of making traffic flow easier, and making our streets safer for our children you could start by creating lanes for bicycles that are out of the traffic in heavy traffic areas such as Pioneer, Collins, Cooper, And Green Oaks, create sidewalks on every residential street, and enforce traffic laws with police officers instead of robots (cameras). Hire police officers to reduce crime instead of Code Compliance Officers to harass property owners. You could create arrows on lights that are long overdue for them. Make lights timed at certain times of the day and put them on sensors at other times of the day. Make our traffic lights smart enough to save us gas.

On the note of saving gas it is long past time that we had public transportation offered in this city. Let DART in or create your own version of it that connects to it. We are in the middle of a metropolis and we are the only metropolis that is not veined together with public transportation. Arlington would like to think it is the heart of the Metroplex, but in reality without a public transportation system to connect it to the surrounding cities it is nothing more than the appendix, sitting there useless waiting to burst and kill the host.

This is the second time that I have written the members of City Hall. Last time only one of you responded to my letter. That was Rick Rivera. I guess the rest of you were too busy writing laws to further infringe on my rights and the rights of my neighbors as property owners. This letter is going to go out to all members of the city council; I will also put it in various places on the internet. You do not like offering the right to do with one’s property as he chooses, let us see how you do with one’s right to free speech.

Thank you for your time

Jayson Cooper
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