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Previous Entry We need to have a conversation about... ...in America! Jun. 23rd, 2015 @ 04:36 pm
     “At some point we are going to have to have a talk about guns in America!” These were the words that a liberal President of the United States chose to tell a grieving country. This certainly not the first time that this president has made such a statement; I am in absolute surety that this will not be the last time someone of his particular belief system makes a similar statement. These words have another meaning to an altogether different group of people. To people who own guns in America, people like me, this statement really means “give us your guns and we will take care of you.” The problem is that we feel we won’t be taken very good care of when we give up our weapons and people who have antitheses thinking to our own still have them. That worked out well so many times in the past you see.

     Mass shootings have been a part of our history for as long as I can remember. Contrary to liberal belief, they are not localized to the United States either. I also heard the president state that this kind of thing just doesn’t happen in other civilized countries. The truth is that you can find data skewed both ways, but what I do know is that if you take all of the countries in the world and total up the murder rate and then sort those countries by that rate, the United States falls 111th on the list for 2014. Switzerland who mandates that every male over the age of 18 have a firearm comes in at 209 out of the list of 218 countries. However I did not start this diatribe to spout statistics, or even start the conversation about gun control. I started this because it is my belief Mr. President and anyone else that is listening that we need to have a conversation. That much of your statement is true.

     We need to have a conversation that skips over gun control and goes right into the heart of the matter and that is self-control! We need to start with figuring out what is different now than it was before we started having problems with violence in America! We need to take a long hard look at our families, our religions, our beliefs and our technology and figure out where we are going wrong. We need to quit turning a blind eye to the fact that both left and right beliefs that have gotten us here are failing our children and we are raising a generation of do nothings, or do the wrong things!

     We need to quit pussyfooting around the lines. The line between discipline and child abuse! We need to figure out exactly why it is that a man 30 years ago could make a living for his family by himself and still have some time for his children, but men today have to work full time jobs hours from their homes while their wives have to supplement the income by going out of the home and getting her own job! We need to find out when it became acceptable for schools to raise children. We need to keep fathers involved with their children even after the divorce. We need to make marriage mean something again so that the divorce doesn’t happen in the first place!

     We need to get rid of no tolerance rules in schools and give administrators and teachers the right to use common sense with discipline as well. Sometimes kids and especially boys have to just beat the crap out of each other. It is part of growing up. It is one of the ways that we know as men what is acceptable in society, and Mr. President, if this kid that shot up that church had gotten his ass handed to him for spouting off his stupid hateful rhetoric once or twice things might be different. Maybe all it would have taken for him is a good butt whipping by his peers and a good male role model in his life. Mr. Obama, you get up there behind your podium and spout that this happens all too often since you have been president.

     You want to have a conversation about guns, but don’t want to have a conversation about the elephant in the room. The BIG questions! WHERE and WHO ARE THE FATHERS OF THESE SHOOTERS? We need to have a conversation about that, sir. When that question is asked, we tend to find that the father was not in the picture at all or the father was abusive. This is true in every single instance of mass shooting that has occurred during your entire presidency, (excluding the Fort Hood Shooting that you refuse to acknowledge as terrorism) and long before. Sir once we have answered that question and start working on solutions to it, we need to move on to the next.

     The next question is what role are psychotropic drugs playing in all of this? The question needs to be asked because at the very least the majority of young men that have decided to wake up one day and go shoot up an area where a lot of people are gathered have been using them.

     We need to put CNN, FOX news, MSNBC, and all the other race bating news agencies on notice that we are not going to have it any more. We will not let them spin us into a race war. We need to show them that only showing stories that pander to this idea that all people who are white are racist are promoting an idea that is false! We need to quit reading stories with headlines that identify someone by their race; because that is not their identity any more than it is yours! We don’t introduce ourselves as Black or White; we introduce ourselves based upon our ideals, our religion, and our jobs. When someone dies do you ever see the obituary read “He was a White man who loved fishing, his children, and his God?” No you don’t and if you did it would seem silly to you, so when we read “White cop, beats up Black man,” or “Black gang kills White couple,” why do we give these stories any time? That is not who they are, it is not who we are.

     So in closing you always see these Facebook challenges. I have three challenges for you. Challenge one if you see a headline for a news article or otherwise that identifies the race of any individuals involved ignore it. Just ignore it. If it is a headline on your Facebook wall delete it. If it is a headline on TV change the channel or better yet turn it off and move to the next challenge.

     Challenge number two is for Men. Men, if you are a father, you need to absolutely be in your children’s lives. I CHALLENGE YOU TO STEP UP! It is time to get in the lives of your children. It is time to raise our boys to be men of character, men of substance, and men who help people in need. I challenge men who are fathers to recruit all the help that they need. I challenge men who are not yet fathers to learn, to be volunteers for Big Brothers, Boys Club, and your local church. I challenge brothers of single mothers to children who have missing dads to step up and be that male role model for her children. I challenge Grandfathers to do the same. Only when boys are able to learn how to be men will we as a society fix the problems created by the absence of men.

     The third challenge is for women. Women if you find yourself with children, and you find yourself without a father for those children for any reason, find them male role models. Get them into Boys Club, Boy Scouts, Big Brothers, church, sports, or whatever it takes. This is especially true for mothers of boys, because if you don’t find your young boy a male role model, he will find one for himself. You, however, have the opportunity to decide whether that role model is the crack dealer on the corner or the coach at his school.
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