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Bankrupt! Jun. 1st, 2009 @ 06:47 pm
GM=Government Motors

GMC Now GCM Government Controlled Motors

And how do you lose an Airbus? I can use Google earth and make out a 3 foot by 5 foot flag on a building? Why can't they use the same technology to locate a one hundred and ninety-three foot air plane?

Just a few things on my mind.

Tis the season May. 20th, 2009 @ 07:29 pm
The president of our company bought tickets for all the employees and their families to see next weeks baseball game and a rock concert featuring Casting Crowns before the game. I can't wait.

A Few Things That May Not Have Been Seen. May. 5th, 2009 @ 05:04 pm
For Those Live Journal Friends Of Mine That Haven't Seen My Latest Artwork.
Wag The Swine

The Money We Could Be Saving

My Gun Permit

Hope You Enjoyed.

The Inspection Tax May. 4th, 2009 @ 09:35 pm
So yesterday I went to get my car inspected. Has anyone else ever noticed that the state inspection is a joke? Seriously, you pay nearly 40 bucks every year for someone to tell you that there is nothing wrong with your car. If for some reason something is wrong with your car you simply go to another inspection station until you find someone who will pass it.

Yesterday I went to five different places before I passed, not because anything was actually wrong with the car, but everything was wrong with the inspection stations. First I went to one that turned out to be closed. The second one I went to was having issues with the machine. The third one well they didn't have a machine that they could use on a car as old as mine. The fourth one was the craziest of all. It seemed the person running the inspection station didn't know how to drive a standard. How do you have any kind of business that deals with vehicles and don't know how to drive a stick? Finally the fifth place that I went to passed the car with no problem.

What I find ironic is some of the cleanest places I've ever lived, had no emissions inspection. It is my opinion that the emissions inspection is nothing more than another tax on the already over taxed citizens of this state and should be done away with immediately. They are a bureaucratic joke. They do not help the quality of the air, and every one knows that if you don't pass it you can always find someone who will pass the vehicle, and the truth is as long as the state and city keep getting their forty bucks a pop they don't really care either.

Pure Politics Apr. 30th, 2009 @ 06:44 pm
Obamanomics, Failed Bail Outs, Bankruptcy Anyway, Amnesty For Illegal Aliens, 36,000 deaths a year in the US from regular flu. H1N1 kills one. Can anyone say wag the swine?
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» Though The Media Downplayed it.
For anyone who didn't get the full scope of the amount of people who showed up at TEA parties accross the country.

» Going Green Conservatively
Working in the paint industry for most of my life now has given me some unique perspectives on a great many things. You see when I was young I was a lot more liberal than I am now. I was a part of the save the Earth generation. Unfortunately for the earth, I also figured out that many of the scientists were lying to us to push some political agenda or another, and thus began to think that all scientists were lying to the public, leaving me to believe that non interference was the way to handle the so called environmental issues. Today I have a somewhat different view all together. I try not to waste things such as paper. Not as much for environmental reasons, but for monetary reasons. This is not to say that I don't care about oxygen producing trees and such, but the short time that I lived in Louisiana I learned something that I didn't know about it.

You see in the little town in Louisiana that I lived in was quite possibly the countries largest paper manufacturer. Not so coincidently in that same town and the surrounding areas was forest land as far as the eye could see. Here is the kicker. That forest land was all planted and developed by man for the specific purpose of supplying that paper plant. In other words if the paper plant wasn't there, the trees would not be there either. The same holds true for Christmas trees and lumber for building materials. So you see if you really want to save the trees the best thing you could do is print 1000 copies of this article and distribute it to all of your liberal friends. That would insure that at least one tree would be planted.

One thing in the paint business that has given me a unique insight is this. Every year paint gets more environmental friendly. At the same time, it gets more and more expensive to produce. As it is now, most latex paints are putting out less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than most people do exhaling, yet every year people who are environmentally conscious push for less. (And by the way yes where I work we have some paints that truly put out 0 VOC's including the tint that is used to color it.)

By the same note the paint is not necessarily better or worse for it, but it is more expensive. Is it more environmentally friendly for that paint to contain 0 VOC's? Well it depends on whose standards you look at and where it is made. If it is made in an area of the world with 100% clean energy (which due to political agendas, doesn't exist yet) then your answer is yes it is probably truly better for the environment to use a 0 VOC paint. However in the real world we still burn fossil fuels in many if not most of our power plants. A 0 VOC paint takes twice as much energy to produce than a standard latex paint that puts out minimal VOC's and probably hurts the environment less than when your dog passes gas.

In the meantime oil based paints that are truly good and hold up better on many surfaces than latex paint ever will, will continue to get more and more and more expensive until Al Gore won't even be able to use them to prevent the rust from accumulating on his fossil fuel burning leer jet that he uses to make his personal appearances and speak on Global Warming.

The fact is that when it comes to the environment you really can't win for loosing. You can try to limit what you put in, but in truth the longer we stay afraid of nuclear energy the longer fossil fuels are going to be used, and the longer energy and other things that are made with fossil fuels will continue to rise in price. Thus causing more and more economic hardships for us all.

How could we have made the environmentalists happy and the conservatives? Funny you should ask. Here a while back I saw an article about a man in DFW who invested a considerable amount of money in windmills, solar panels, and such devices for his home and made his electric meter run backwards. If I remember right he said the over all cost was around 70 thousand dollars for all of it. You can Google “electric meter running backwards” and probably find a link for that story or a similar one. Ok so here's what should have happened. Instead of bailing out AIG GM and Ford we should have given the money directly to the public in the form of gift certificates that allow every home owner to go and buy this equipment for their own homes. Then when it is installed in every home in America we would have no need for the electric company. How about that. America instantly becomes energy independent we do something that even us conservatives would agree is good for the environment, and we no longer have to pay to light, heat, and cool our homes. It is a completely win win situation. After that we concentrate our efforts on completely electric cars and we no longer need fossil fuels at all. Just a thought.
» The Rattles in Play!

I really do not know where to start this post. It would seem that the Department Of Homeland Security now thinks of me and thousands upon millions of people with some of the same ideals as myself to be “right wing extremists.” Comparing us to terrorists like Timothy McVeigh.

Well I have news for DHS. Today I went to two different demonstrations that showed me just how many of us extremists there really are out there. I have to say I found it beautiful to see so many people in this country who are downright concerned about what we face ahead if we continue to allow congress and our president to spend money at the rate they are spending it. What our children and grandchildren will face if we do not hold

these folks in not only Washington but on our local, county, and state levels feet to the fire and say NO MORE! We can not continue to spend every penny that the government has.

To the folks in Washington, to the folks in Austin, and to the folks in Arlington, I would say “Sirs and Madams this is only the beginning. It might be advisable to start listening. These “TEA parties” (Taxed Enough Already) are peaceful, but they should be sending you a powerful message. That message is we the American people are having to tighten our home budgets, and we expect that you folks do the same.

These demonstrations are merely the rattles before our strike. When you corner a rattlesnake you get a loud warning, this is that warning. The strike will cost all those that do not listen their jobs.

Last but not least I would encourage everyone to look at the DHS Report Rightwing Extremism:Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.” And see if you are such a person.

» Happy Easter!!! Christ Our Lord Truly LIVES!!!

» My bailout proposal
Lets say you own a company. You hire an employee to come in and manage your company. That employee comes in and spends more than the earnings for your company with little or no return the first two months that he is managing the company. What would you do? More than likely you and just about anyone else in the world would realize that your company is more important than the manager and at the very least you would talk to the manager and give him a consequence. Either produce or you are out of here.

Why is it any different with the President? Why is it that our money is worth less and less with every effort by the President and many are still just head over heels in love with the man? The stimulus plan even with the amount of money that is being spent is a failure. The bail outs (and yes I do realize that the first bail out came from the previous administration, but every one of them since has been from this administration. I also realize that the first one was mostly carried by democrats.) are a failure.

So I would like to propose a different kind of bailout. (And many people in the metroplex will hate this idea.) Lets let the free market take back over. If a company doesn't produce a product that people will buy then they go out of business it's that simple. However a company that produce needs should be rewarded. How is this for a bail out. I propose that any vehicle manufacture who builds a vehicle that conforms to the following specifications should receive a portion of money equal to the bail out if they build a vehicle that can tow 40 tons behind it. Easy enough right? Wrong! It has to be able to sustain 80 miles per hour or better, last one million miles, and not use a drop of what we now consider fuel. This vehicle should only use a renewable but safe energy source. It should also available for mass manufacturing with a sticker price of less than thirty thousand dollars.

I propose that the first company to achieve interstellar space flight should also receive a large portion of money from the government.

I propose that a pharmaceutical company that comes up with a cure for cancer, aids, diabetes, or even the common cold with a price tag of less than $10.00 a treatment should receive several billion from the government as well.

I propose that any company who's policies and politics allow them to fail get nothing and go out of business.

What I have against the bail outs is this. It used to be that if you were unsatisfied with a company you could vote with your feet and leave, thus when enough people did that the company went out of business and you got justice for your dissatisfaction. That does not appear to be the case anymore.
» From my friend Kendrick

Dallas Schools

As I write this I am physically trying to keep the bile from rising in my throat. I am utterly furious. And through all my rage, the only thing I can think about is the education of my children, and the mis-education of an entire generation of middle and low income people. I am ashamed of my city. This is not the first time but the most recent. If you are not from Dallas or you happen to be unaware of our schools current condition, let me explain.

At the beginning of this 2008-09 school year, the administration came forth and announced the district had misplaced/overspent $64 million dollars.

(http://mynewsandarticles.blogspot.com/2008/09/disd-detects-deficit-of-64-million.html). I'll give you a second to soak that in. In a recession where no job is safe and everyone is crunching numbers, a Public School District responsible for the education of approx 158,000 students overstepped their budget. Again. So of course heads would roll right? Well only if you’re a teacher apparently.

After reporting this record deficit and public embarrasment, the district then announces that it may have to fire as many as 700 teachers/administration.(http://www.pegasusnews.com/news/2008/sep/17/layoffs-coming-soon-dallas-isd/). But that was a bit apocalyptic. They only fired 375 teachers. In the middle of the week. In the middle of a term. They moved teachers to new schools and re-assigned students to new teachers.

Superintendent Michael Hinojosa keeps his job. And so do all the trustees. Hmmm.

This would be enough already to make heads roll you assume, or at least keep you nose clean, and call for major reform, or show that your district is in transition or...just something. But no. They release written documents that one of your schools has had administration organized and sponsored cage fights. That's right, high school Fight Club.


I know this seems like some unbelievable ridiculous joke and I wish it was, but that is way I am providing the links so you can read the stories your self.

And to add to all of this, Local news reported tonight that H. Grady Spruce High was locking special needs children in a cage. This story was reported on the news tonight and as far as I know is not in print as of tonight. Check tomorrow and following days.

It is hard for me to continue to write as I think of the students affected by the greed, ignorance, incompetence, irresponsibility, and arrogance of this administration. Everyone is throwing anger at the officials, but the kids. Dear God the kids.

Now let me make one thing straight-These problems do not affect all the schools in Dallas, only the ones that are South of I-30. This is a middle and low income isolated problem in Dallas. Not necessarily race related unless you consider that there is a very low percentage of European-Americans in this part of Dallas. So Highland Park and Trinity Valley this story is not for you. This is for Oak Cliff, Pleasant Grove, and South Dallas. This is where my people are. For those of you reading this from Omaha, imagine North O and South O, but the size of your entire city. For those reading anywhere else, let me translate. This is a 'hood' or 'ghetto' part of town.

South of I-30

South of I-30

South of I-30

North of I-30

Does that mean that they deserve any less education, or order or respect? The schools are constantly not performing at a passing level. The school with the cage has approx 250 seniors. Through my job, I had the opportunity to speak in front of a group of students that had not passed the State Standardized Test (a test that all Texas students take annually for promotion to the next level). I talked to about 200 students that day. Get the idea?

I hurt for these kids. I hate that I can go to a school in this area and not am able to find a book or magazine or newspaper in a 5-mile radius in the neighborhood. It is a place that if you look for a job in your neighborhood, you are limited to food service of low level retail. OR they will send every branch of the military to be in your school at all times of the school year to convince you that this is your only real option and that college is not for "anyone like you".

Maybe I'm just mad. Maybe I'm just another angry black man looking for somewhere to place my rage. Or just maybe you agree with me and we should do something about this. I plan to be teaching in the District within 3 years and rising in the administration. That's not your path, I know, but what are you willing to do? Or will you just flip the channel when you see one more South Dallas 19 year old locked up or killed and right them off as 'ghetto'?

» More Police Brutality.
Imagine for a moment that you get the call that your mother is about to die. You may have a few more moments for last goodbyes, but you must get to the hospital quickly. You break a few minor traffic laws, but you do it in a way that is as safe and reasonable as possible. You get to the hospital and are suddenly confronted by a police officer who says this to you.

These two videos are almost seventeen minutes long. In that seventeen minutes Ryan Moats of the Houston Texan's mother in law passed away. He only wanted to say final good byes. Ryan Moats was willing to accept a ticket, willing to accept the punishment, but only wished a final moment in the life of one of his loved ones. I have to ask, what would have been so difficult for the Dallas Police officer to grant that to him.

It is my opinion that this police officer started out doing right by following Mr. Moats and stopping him. However the minute he pulled into the parking of the hospital he should have asked, “hey what's the problem?” When the response was made, he should have escorted the family up to the room. If he still wanted to give a ticket, then by all means do so. Write him one while the family had a few last moments with their loved one. It would have been the right thing to do. The problem here is that while I do not want to make enemies of the Dallas Police Department. In seventeen minutes of film here you see this officer make one bad call after another. Telling the NFL player at one point even “I can screw you over.” Mr. Moats in the emergency while definitely hurried and probably a little overwhelmed kept his head remarkably, never once played the race card, (though this police officer was obviously racially motivated.) never once played the celebrity card either.

Unfortunately the lack of people skills is not the only problem that the DPD has. The Dallas police department is severely undermanned, underfunded, and untrained. The police officers in that city do have a hard job. The city is crime ridden in every way. Most crimes go unsolved due to the sheer lack of manpower that the DPD has. But then I see this where a man is hassled for 17 minutes for running a stop light using his four way flashers in the middle of the night when no traffic is on the road, and the little traffic that is on the road waves him on through. I see this and I have to think maybe the problem is not that they do not have enough man power, but that the man power that they do have are not prioritizing properly. I really do not believe this to be the case, nor do I want to, but to the Dallas Police chief David Kunkle I think it should be said by the people of Dallas that they are tired of being robbed, raped, and murdered, and they are not going to take it any more. I think it's time to get a few officers off of traffic patrol and put them right in the problem areas and have them do some real police work. Have them go after the real bad guys. The ones that are killing people in their homes in their places of work and in their cars. The serial rapist that has eluded them in North Dallas. Quit trying to generate revenue for the city and get out there and get the drug dealers off of the street. Anyone who has ever driven down Ross Avenue or Lake June or Buckner can tell you where they are at including your traffic cops. We don't want your apologies, we want you to do something about it. I have to ask why we have a task force for counterfeit checks, but not one for carjackings? Why is it that when I call the police because I got a fake 20 an officer comes to my store, but when someone steals my five hundred dollar stereo I have to do a report over the phone? Why is it that I get to see a police officer if a single driver drives in the HOV lane, but if there is an accident where no one is hurt the police will not come to investigate and assign fault? I think it is time to rethink the Dallas Police Department. Re prioritize.
» President Or Comedian?
Ok, so we already know that Obama is a racist, an elitist, a sexist, an ageism discriminator, and now an advocate in favor of making fun of the handicapped, but the real question is does it really even matter?

The truth of the matter is that we the American people for a brief moment of shock surrounding his words on Jay Leno last night forgot the real issue. That being that the president of the United States has a lot to deal with, yet he still has enough free time to go on Jay Leno in the first place. I'm sorry did I miss something? Did the economy magically get fixed over night? Did the Iraq war suddenly end? Did we find Osama Bin Laden? I don't think any of those things happened? I'm sorry, but the president at this time does not have time nor should he make time to pretend to be a comedian on late night TV. Get to the job already, Obama! Until the American people stop suffering with this mess you in Washington got us into, spend every waking hour working on it. We the people are working every waking hour that we have, why should we expect any different from you? Get to it! Get the job done and then visit with Jay, David, Or Conan, but until then I do not want nor need comic relief from the president, and I'm pretty sure no one else does either!
» Deceit Or Ignorance?
Let's say for a moment that you have a brother who is addicted to cocaine. This brother suddenly comes to your mother and father and asks for money to pay his rent. Your parents know that their son makes enough money to live if he just didn't have that cocaine addiction. You and the rest of your brothers and sisters know this too. You and your other siblings beg your parents not to give him the money in the hopes that maybe if he's evicted from his home it will be just the drastic thing that makes him realize that he needs help for his addiction. Your parents give them the money and he pays his rent, but then goes and buys a bag of cocaine too. Who is to blame for him getting that bag of cocaine?

Is it the person's fault in that instant who is addicted to drugs? I submit to you that while it was your brothers fault for becoming addicted to the substance, it is your parents fault that he now has the new bag of cocaine.

The same holds true for AIG. It is really not their fault that they continued to make bad decisions regarding their business practices in particularly their bonus practices. The fault is in our federal government who gave them the money that enabled them to do so. The brunt of the fault lies in Democrat Chris Dodd who wrote most of the bill and even wrote into the bill, that it could be used to pay bonus's that where a part of AIG's contracts with its employees including the executives. The fault also lies in a president who did not honor a verbal contract with the American people and go through each bill “line by line” and eliminate wasteful spending.

I personally do not believe that Barack Obama did not know this was going to come to play. This bill was written by his people, edited by his people and signed into law by his people. However if he really didn't know about it it would mean that he isn't doing what he said he was going to do. So it basically boils down to the POTUS is either being deceitful with us or he is incompetent which is it?
» How to spend ourselves out of debt?

I don't even know where to begin. I just got back from a hearing on how to spend the stimulus money here in the state of Texas. There were many legitimate things, that should be funded including a program that would give grants and scholarships to people wanting to enter the nursing field.

Also on the docket more toll roads in DFW. It seems that some people in closed door meetings want to put yet more toll roads in and around the DFW area. They have gone so far to hide these projects from the public as to start calling them different names. “Managed Lanes” “Levers” etc... The last thing we need is more tax on our roads. We pay through the nose in property taxes, gasoline taxes, sales taxes, etc. to keep our streets and highways built and up to date. Wait it gets better. Not only does the NTTA want us to spend our tax dollars to build these new toll roads, then wants us to pay to drive on them, they want to put a variable rate on them that will change every six minutes based on how fast or slow the traffic is moving. I know what you are thinking, if the traffic is moving slow you would pay less, right? WRONG! The faster the traffic moves and the more fuel you are burning the less you pay for the toll. Why? Because TXDOT wants to accommodate for what you are not spending on gas tax and tax you on the tollway. I want to thank Jim Dunnam a Democrat from Waco for pointing this out to the public. I don't need to tell you my position on this. DFW does not need more tolls. Even under the guise of it creating more jobs. It will create just as many more jobs to build highways, bridges, and rail systems in this city that make sense. It will create even more jobs for TEXANS when you don't sublet these projects to companies from Spain!

One of the many problems I saw today is that we as Texans are acting as children do who just got a huge chunk of change from our rich uncle in Washington, and we are meeting to discuss how to spend it. What would be wrong with us meeting on ways to save it? Let's spend some get a few things fixed up and the rest save for the next time Houston is hit by a major Hurricane or the next time Dallas or Fort Worth has an f-5 tornado roll through. Spending got us into the mess that we are in. Spending will not get us out!

» Way to go Ricky!
Today, Governor Rick Perry of Texas refused almost half a billion dollars from the Stimulus Package on the basis that it would require that the federal government direct the way those funds would be spent. It would have required that the state of Texas continue to pay extra benefits to the unemployed long after the stimulus money was gone. This in turn would have raised the unemployment insurance premiums paid by employers.

I must ask how it is a good idea to raise any prices on employers at the moment. How is it a good idea to raise the unemployment tax? Because here is what will happen. The more you raise taxes the more companies cut back. They do this to keep their profit loss margins as close to the same as they were. Where is the first place that companies cut back? In employee salaries. So the bad news, you just lost your job because they raised the unemployment tax. The good news well now you get an additional 25.00 a week on your unemployment check that is still only about 50% of your income before you were laid off.

So to you Rick I say “Way to go!” It is about time you did something conservative!
» It's about ensuring that GOOD JUDGEMENT is never distorted or concealed to serve a political agenda
A few years ago we as Americans were told that being homosexual was acceptable and normal. We have also been told that it is ok to murder unborn children as long as it met certain guidelines. Now we are told that it is ok to grow children in a laboratory and then murder them in the name of science. We are told many reasons for this including that someday it may cure any number of diseases. This is all true it may indeed someday cure any number of diseases out there. It may also just as most significant advances in science happen someday be turned into a horrible weapon. How do we moralize the killing of children under any circumstances? Ask any parent this question “If it comes to your life or the lives of your children which do you choose?” Any parent in their right mind knows that their children are an extension of themselves. Thus the reason to have children. To carry an extension of yourself long into the future. To in a matter of speaking live forever. Any parent would say take my life. Why are the nations children any different?

How can a nation decide to create children, then decide in the interest of science to kill them. Are people so elite now that their lives their diseases are more important than the lives of our future children? If this is the case I think we better duck out now. Our world is going in a bad direction. I pray for the future generations of America to see that this science is wrong. It was wrong for Hitler to do the scientific experiments on the Jews, the physically unfit, or the mentally challenged, and it is wrong for Barack Obama to experiment on children who do not yet have a voice to say no. All children should have the right to live. By the way for those who would say well it all depends on what your definition of when life begins. Were we not all taught in 10th grade biology that cells and even virus's were life? If that is true than an embryo is a life. In fact if that is true life begins the moment sperm is released from the body.

As far as our government is concerned, please stop trying to pawn off the abnormal as the normal. In truth I do not care if a person is gay, strait, auto sexual, or a vegetarian. But don't tell me that any of it is normal or acceptable. None of us are. We delude ourselves into thinking that because it's legal it's normal. When the truth is that only one of those things does not go against nature.
» Math and Gas Mileage!
So why is it that todays cars are only getting from 20 to 35 miles per gallon on average? This according to carmax on their website. You have a few out there that are getting 40 or better, but the average highway mileage of the cars that are compared on that website is about 29 miles per gallon. The reason this is so hard for me to fathom is because I own a 1993 Ford Escort that averages between 30 to 33 miles per gallon. That car has over 100,000 miles on it, is sixteen years old and gets better than average gas mileage. I also have a 1992 Ford Ranger with over 300,000 miles on it that gets between 22-25 miles per gallon. So I guess I'm just amazed that in 17 years we have not advanced in this area. Cars today should be getting 90 or 100 miles to the gallon at 120 miles per hour. For that matter why are we still using internal combustion engines? I seem to remember being told that by the year 2000 we would have cars that fly and ran on nuclear fusion. Here it is 2009 still no flying, nuclear fueled pick up truck. Oh well

On the same note, why is it that when you drive through Downtown Dallas the lights are timed to make you stop at every intersection? I drive one and a half miles on Ross Avenue every morning and every evening that one and half miles should take 6 minutes at 15 miles per hour, 3 minutes at 30. The speed limit is between 30 and 40 mph, 20 in the school zones. Why does it take 15 minutes to get through? Because at every block you have to stop for an average of one minute. That is one minute of wasteing fuel, one minute of polluting the precious ozone. Even though I believe Global Warming to be a hoax, I can't imagine why anyone would want to waste any more gas than absolutely necessary.

Along the same lines, since most police departments are no longer allowed to get into high speed chases now days, why do they need cars with V-8 motors? And even if the department is still allowed to get into a chase there are many cars out there with four cylinder motors that will move pretty quick. We hear all the time that police departments are hurting for money, and short handed because of it. Let me tell you a Chevy Cobalt gets much better gas mileage and costs considerably less than a Chevy Impala. In fact the savings on just the purchase price using four Cobalts over using four Impala's would pay the salary of one police officer. You can also buy four Cobalts for less than three Impala's.

So how much fuel would be saved over a year on one car? Well according to Policedriving.com The average police officer drives 15,360 miles per year. The Chevy Cobalt gets 37 miles per gallon according to Chevrolet. That means that the Cobalt would use roughly 415 gallons of fuel in a years time. The Chevrolet Impala with a V-8 gets 20 mpg. The Impala would use 768 gallons of fuel in a years time. That is 353 more gallons to go the same distance in the Impala. The average price of gas this week? $1.934 per gallon. If it were to stay at that price (which you know it wont) each vehicle would save the police department $682.70 just in gasoline. So let's see I come up with $14,832.70 saved in the first year on each vehicle! What do you think a police department could do with that?
» 25 Random Things
Ok, I've been tagged on this one it seems like a dozen times or so. So here it is.

1. I have over 200 gigs of music, totaling more than 8,000 songs on various computers.

2. When I was a teenager I wanted to be a pilot when I grew up, and now I have a tremendous fear of flying.

3. I was a teenage pregnancy

4. If I could go back and do my entire life over again I would actually change very little.

5. I'm registered republican, though I don't feel the label fits any more as republicans are too liberal in their views for me.

6. I have never legally caught a fish, but I enjoy fishing.

7. I am for the legalization of Marijuana, but I haven't smoked it in over 10 years.

8. I do not like taking pills of any kind often times when I am prescribed something I take one or two of the prescription and the rest ends up thrown away or taking up storage space.

9. The best dog I ever had was a female collie named Roadster Soda Pop.

10. I love Texas, but can't stand it's larger cities.

11. I have a hard time making my mind up even on little things, but once it's made it's really hard to convince me otherwise.

12. I do not have a favorite anything of all time, only a favorite of the moment.

13. I think the number 13 is a lucky number and has reoccurred through out my life quite often.

14. Two talents that I never developed were the ability to draw freehanded or play a musical instrument, but I feel that there is still time.

15. My greatest hope is that my children grow to be a thousand or a million times better a man than I.

16. I have a step sister a step brother a half sister a full sister and a full brother, a few of which I haven't seen in years and the others I don't get to see as often as I would like.

17. I get city claustrophobia, and get burned out on being in one town too long. I think this might be an inherited trait.

18. I get intelligence envy.

19. The number 19 is also a very reoccurring number in my life.

20. I sometimes wish I could live for ever other times I wish I could die that instant.

21. I feel that much of my life has indeed been influenced by Star Trek.

22. I love to build things to be admired by other people, but not necessarily for other people to use.

23. I watched the movie "The number 23" and began looking for the number, but didn't find it that often, instead I found the number 3 and the number 10 in a lot of things having to do with my family and myself.

24. I find it harder and harder to remember how old I am and I am only 33, I think.

25. When I was young I was absolutely convinced that I would die on my 25th birthday. So much so that on my 25th birthday I called in sick to work, and did not leave the apartment.
» Is anyone reading this?
So there are some things going on in my community, my city, my metroplex, my state, my country that are beginning to boil my blood. With the recession, with crime on the rise, with corruption in our police departments, our schools, our governments, and just about everywhere you turn, I just can not take it any more. I feel I have to do something about it.

During the recent recession, my hours at work have been cut back giving me a nice twenty percent reduction in pay. My wife's hours have been cut back giving her a twenty percent reduction in pay. All that being said, the one good thing is I have more free time. So I am going to use some of this free time to put some of my thoughts to the screen. And by God if you think I was active, political, or rude before, you haven't seen anything yet. I plan to have heads with this column, I plan to take my country back using the one medium that is still free. That medium being my right to speech!

I welcome and invite comments whether you agree with me or not. If I'm wrong please feel free to let me know. If you agree with me, let me know that too, but at any cost some changes need to be made, and it doesn't start with Barack Obama, or Joe Biden. It starts with me. It starts with you. It starts with us and doesn't end until we are all dead or the change that happens is to the benefit of you and I. Not to the benefit of corporate fat b*&ches and b*&#ards. It is time for us to break out the pitchforks and overalls and take our country and our community's back!

I am going to start this with a story I saw on TV last night. You can find the story at http://cbs11tv.com/local/Mansfield.ISD.Issue.2.949906.html.

The story is about a ten year old girl that no matter how you look at it was let down by her bus driver. This bus driver is a trusted adult who did not act like one.

My take on the situation is that although the parents of this young girl are in fact responsible for this let down, they do not bear the brunt of the blame. Twenty-three years ago not too much would have been thought of leaving a ten year old child alone for an hour. The thing is, times have changed! YOU DO NOT LEAVE A TEN YEAR OLD CHILD BY HERSELF! If I wasn't clear let me say it again. YOU DO NOT LEAVE A TEN YEAR OLD CHILD BY HERSELF!

This bus driver made a huge error in judgment under the guise of "I was only following policy." The Mansfield Independent School District made a gigantuous error in judgment in not at the very least talking with the bus driver and letting this bonehead know that in every rule there are exceptions. If something had happened to this young girl how would that driver feel how would the ISD feel? This driver should be fired! The idiots who backed him should be fired! The entire administration of this school should be gone by morning. The new administration should make it it's absolute first mission to amend it's policy. Everyone from the Superintendent of schools right down to the janitors that sweep the floors should implement a plan that includes communication and common sense solutions when the unexpected arises. When it comes to the safety of a child if you work for a school district in any position you absolutely can not say it's not my responsibility. You must, you must, you must keep our children safe!
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